Barn quilt project in Le Roy proving popular with residents
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Barn quilt project in Le Roy proving popular with residents

Feb 16, 2012

When Lynn Belluscio first proposed starting a barn quilt project in Le Roy, she was hoping to get 30 or so quilts installed on barns in Le Roy by June.

Well, 30 or so won't be a problem, it turns out. The idea caught on fast. Now she's thinking maybe 50.

The project was conceived to help promote the Le Roy Bicentennial, which the town, village and historical society will celebrate this summer.

Belluscio first heard about barn quilts -- large sections of plywood painted with the patterns of quilts -- on a phone call of town historians. Then she saw how the idea had taken hold in the Town of Neversink, so she thought it would be a great project for Le Roy.

After Belluscio got the support of the historical society and announced the plan in the Le Roy Pennysaver, she started getting handfuls of requests for barn quilts.

"People say to me, 'Did you ever expect it to be this popular?' and I would say, 'I was hoping it would be,' " Belluscio said.

The quilt patterns might come from a family heirloom, a quilt in the historical society collection or a pattern from a book, but all are intended to help weave a story together of the history and culture of Le Roy.

Quilt sizes include 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8. They might be hung on a barn, an outbuilding or a garage.

The historical society is maintaining a library of paints and other supplies for residents who want to paint their own quilts.

One of the quilts being painted by Belluscio is 8' x 8' and based on a quilt that was given by members of the Methodist church to a departing pastor in 1898 (top photo). It is signed by 200 members of the congregation.

The completed barn quilt will be auctioned off March 10 at the historical society's annual dinner, with a minimum bid of $150, with that amount going to the bicentennial project.

Even though the historical society has yet to publish a map of all the installed quilts -- and they're not all installed yet -- people are already discovering the project and driving around looking for the quilts, Belluscio said.

"People are discovering their own back yard, or back roads," Belluscio said. "They're going out to find them and we're happy to see that happening. It's something really neat that is happening."

Any other Le Roy residents interested in a barn quilt, Belluscio can be contacted at 768-7433. The society has also set up a website for the project.

Here's a list of installed quilt locations:

  • 46 E. Main St.
  • 8148 North Road
  • 8042 Lake Road
  • 8041 R. Main
  • 8457 North St. Road
  • 63 Lake St. (Rt. 19)
  • 9573 Asbury Road
  • 9743 Asbury Road (4) & across road
  • 6195 Sweetland Road
  • 8506 Lake Road
  • 23 E. Main St.
  • 9423 Summit St. Road
  • 6849 W. Main Road
  • 8283 Harris Road
  • 9396 South St. Road
  • 8587 North Road
  • 8090 Black St. Road (corner of Linwood Road)
  • 9290 York Road
  • 1719 Craig Road, Linwood
  • 9696 Asbury Road
  • Conlon Road (south of North Road)
  • 8343 Gully Road
  • 36 Lathrop Ave.
  • 13 Summit St.
  • 8171 W. Bergen Road

Route 5, Town of Le Roy

Asbury Road

Asbury Road

Stein Farms

Route 19

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